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She never fails to mention her passion for Zimbabwe and its growth. Her love for Zimbabwe shows in everything she does and plans to do.

As an avid traveler who has visited more cities than she can count, she has obviously experienced many environments, so if she ranks Zimbabwe highly, her rating is no coincidence.

Her name is Ms. Tatiana Ellis, an international born investor who has literally made Zimbabwe her country of birth.

She goes to bed every day dreaming of a prosperous Zimbabwe. She was excited about the country’s investment, people and weather when she decided to settle down in Harare with her friends and family.

Today, Ms. Ellis is a household name in the real estate development sector, working alongside the country’s top real estate professionals.

Co-workers describe her as a single-minded, moral, integrity and business-savvy woman. Her downside is that she has spent a lot of time in court defending her investments, her name and her integrity.

That got to her. She tries to put on a brave face every time she’s asked how the lawsuits and the struggles to derail the company’s ambitious projects have affected her.

“These are diversionary tactics designed to prevent us from achieving what we set out to do for Zimbabwe.

“We came here because we were excited about the country’s investment opportunities. We will continue to develop my now adopted nation as much as we can,” she says.

Ms. Ellis has won many real estate development awards. Last year she was named Project Manager of the Year 2022 before receiving another award as one of the most influential women in project management, real estate development, commercial and residential for 2022.

She is the recipient of many other awards.

This week she will step onto the podium again and receive another outstanding award for outstanding performance.

Many would want to know more about the enigmatic Mrs Ellis. She is a savvy businesswoman, philanthropist, girl activist and strong advocate for women’s empowerment.

She is Chief Operating Officer at West Property, an innovative and fast-growing real estate company whose mantra is “Bring Dubai to Zimbabwe” and whose vision is to lay a billion bricks by 2050.

The Company has built quaint residential and commercial properties including Pokugara, Millennium Heights, Gunhill Rise and the quintessential Pomona City, a city within a city.

When asked about the secret behind West Property’s success, Ms Ellis said: “We’ve managed to stay in business because of our team spirit and our faith in the Zimbabwe brand. That doesn’t mean we haven’t faced challenges.

“We have used the challenges to strengthen our resolve to lay 1 billion bricks by 2050. We love Zimbabwe and believe in our brand. You stay afloat if you always do the right thing.”

She says her desire is to create a gender-friendly work environment where both genders are equally represented at both decision-making and operational levels.

“Our workplaces promote growth, competence and do not discriminate against gender. The sky is the limit for all of our employees. Personally, I am grateful to have been recognized for this post and I will always work hard to achieve the results I want,” she says.

She always has the last word when it comes to Zimbabwe.

“The prospects are very encouraging and encouraging. There has never been a better time to invest in Zimbabwe than now. We create ecosystems/environments suitable for living, working, playing and shopping. We sell/create a lifestyle in the real estate sector,” she says, constantly reminding: “Every investor needs three things to maintain law and order, protect the reputation of the investor and facilitate business efficiency.”

She is happily married and a mother of five.

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