The Saturday ticket starts the tour in 2023

LOS ANGELES, February 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The United Fight League (UFL) today announced the first-ever Grand Prix Quarterfinals 1 card featuring 48 individual top fighters in six weight classes from six countries. The event will take place at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizonaon February 18, 2023and starts the four-city tour with stops in between memphis, Phoenixand Salt Lake City later this year.

United Fight League, founded by an entrepreneur Harrison Rogersreinvents the wheel of martial arts and puts the future of fighters first with an innovative compensation and benefits structure that gives men and women the opportunity to secure their post-career futures.

“As a martial arts fan, I wanted to create a promotion that not only allows fighters to compete in the sport they love, but also provides benefits and additional resources to ensure they are taken care of every step of the way” , he said Harrison Rogers, Founder and CEO of UFL. “It was important for the UFL to offer these benefits to all the fighters in our roster so they could focus on their careers while we took care of everything else.”

Harrison will be joined as part of the UFL by MMA legends and Hall of Famers Frank MirQuinton “Rampage” Jackson and Titus Ortizwho act as brand ambassadors for the campaign. “Having a career spanning over twenty years, I know firsthand how important it is for the UFL to provide fighters with these benefits,” said the former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir. “I will continue to champion fighters and hope other promotions will follow our lead and offer more to the men and women who have made the martial arts so successful,” he added.

In addition to health and life insurance, fighters will be offered an interest in the company through various stock options as part of their compensation package.

The UFL Grand Prix Quarterfinals 1 will be streamed for free LIVE on Rumble 9:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. MST.

main event
Bobby Moffett (16-6) vs TBD

Co Main Event
170 pounds Grand Prix

Nikolai Veretennikov (9-4) vs. Demarkus Jackson (13-6)

Featured Battle
135 Ib Grand Prix
Phil Caracappa (9-2) vs. Valodia Aivazian (10-3)

145 Ib Grand Prix
Jose Delgado (3-0) against Chris mecate (5-2)

170 pounds Grand Prix
Ivey Nixon (6-3) vs. Luis Iniguez (5-2)

185Ib Grand Prix
Dan Huber (4-5) vs. Ty Gwerder (5-4)

135 Ib Grand Prix
Jackson Santa Cruz (6-3) vs. Amun Cosme (4-1)

135 Ib Grand Prix
Zurina Turrey (1:0) vs. Veronica Smolkova (1-0)

125 lb
Cicero Livio (1-0) vs. Braden Goodwin (9-5)

Quinten Culpepper (5-1) vs. John Simon (5-3)

*Subject to change of map
Tickets are now available. To purchase tickets, please visit
Find UFL’s Rumble channel here.

United Fight League Locals Community can be found here.

About United Fight Network

United Together, Harrison J. Rogers, Frank Mir, Quinton Jackson, Titus Ortizand Sophia Magna Bring the United Fight League to the mixed martial arts world. The UFL is the first martial arts promotion to take a stand with fighters, not against fighters, and to provide adequate health and life insurance, corporate equity and education for financial security. For more information, please visit or @unitedfightleague.

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