Brooklyn Center firefighters surprise kids in hospice with sleds for snow emergencies

BROOKLYN CENTER, MIN — A snowy day turned into a fun day for some children at a Brooklyn Center hospice.

Crescent Cove is a place where families can find end of life and respite care. On Tuesday, they received a surprise visit from two Brooklyn Center firefighters with a box full of sleds.

“When we saw Brandon [Gautsch] and Royce [Wetterhahn] come with a box full of sleds, we go – what’s up your sleeve today?” said Katie Lindenfelser, founder and CEO of Crescent Cove.

The sleds were immediately embraced by all the children in Crescent Cove. Milo, who suffers from a complex medical condition and shortened life expectancy, was wheeled around the halls indoors while Lauren, who is also being cared for at Crescent Cove, was dragged around in the snow outside while her keepers cheered her on.

“How many times have our children been able to sit in a sled in Crescent Cove? You can’t do these everyday things,” Lindenfelser said.

While the sleds are mainly used for fun, the fire department wants them in every child’s room for life-saving reasons.

“We could get the kids to the sleds, then emergency responders could get around the back of the building and take them to a safer area,” Brooklyn Center Deputy Fire Marshal Brandon Gautsh said.

Since most Crescent Cove children are wheelchair bound, the sleds would help them escape faster during the snowy months in an emergency.

“Something complicated can be solved with something very simple like … a sled,” said Brooklyn Center fire inspector Royce Wetterhahn.

Brooklyn Center Walmart donated all of the sleds within an hour of calling the fire department. So until the sledges are needed for security, they are only used for smiling.

“It’s meaningful to see Milo smile because his brother passed away here in Crescent Cove just a few months ago,” Lindenfelser said.

These simple toys will put a stop to grief for a while.

“Everything happens so beautifully here,” said Lindenfelser.

If you are interested in donating a sled or other toy for these children, you can drop them off this Sunday from 5-6:30 p.m. during their Crescent Cove toy ride

Crescent Cove does not charge foster fees to either family. They only work with donations. Click here for more information.

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