Activists to lobby Alaska lawmakers to push abortion, LGBT agenda, explicit sex-ed in schools

With most of Alaska’s lawmakers now back in Juneau for the start of the 2023 legislative session, abortion activists plan to inundate lawmakers with phone calls, visits, and even personalized Valentine’s Day cards championing the LGBTQ political agenda and mandating an explicit sex education curriculum at all states Schools. Activists have also campaigned to oppose laws they see as “anti-trans” or “anti-abortion.”

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion company in Alaska, is holding a series of upcoming legislative planning sessions statewide to mobilize pro-abortion allies who see an opportunity to maintain or expand access and funding for the legalized killing of preborn Alaskans. These sessions will also include tactics aimed at persuading lawmakers to get involved in promoting LGBTQ sex education in state schools.

While the US Supreme Court ruled Roe v. Wade, leaving the abortion issue back for each state to decide, Alaska’s abortion law remains unchanged. Thanks to the Alaska Supreme Court, abortion is in the 49th stateth state through all nine months of pregnancy, and the state also uses public funds to pay for abortion doctors who kill preborn Alaskans.

However, in some conservative circles there have been calls for Governor Mike Dunleavy to withhold state abortion payments and for lawmakers to back him in the face of activist judges.

Whether the Planned Parenthood agenda in the 33rdapprox The state legislature is yet to be seen. Though GOP state senators have a numerical majority of 11-9, eight Republicans have sided with nine Democrats to form a bipartisan ruling faction that has excluded the most conservative senators. The House of Representatives, split 21-19 in favor of Republicans, has yet to form a majority, but efforts are being made to form a similar “bipartisan” coalition that would marginalize conservative Republican influence.

on the 50thth Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade of the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood gathers in Anchorage Jan. 22 to create Valentine’s Day cards for Alaska lawmakers demanding they pass abortion legislation while expanding all forms of birth control, including those that can cause premature abortions. The so-called Valentine’s Greetings are personally presented to every legislator on Valentine’s Day.


— To offer a different perspective on Alaska’s lawmakers, click on the links below to contact members of the State House and Senate. (note: Some of the contacts are outdated but should be updated this week.)

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