The Last Inning (Jan, 16, 2023): Spotlighting Alabama-Bound Lauren Johnson, Player Moves, Latest Verbals, ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ & The Last Of Us Babysitter

Alabama native Lauren Johnson, #29 in the 2023 Extra Elite 100, is Tennessee’s preeminent spotlight athlete today.

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Alabama bound OF Lauren Johnson#29 on the 2023 Extra Elite 100, recently spoke to Extra Inning Softball about Fury Platinum X, muscle memory, Alliance Nationals, playing with her older sister, Birmingham Thunderbolts, Alabama, sports management, Jenna Johnson, Gary Clark Jr.“The Office” and painting.


Fury Platinum X’s Lauren Johnson

Name: Lauren Johnson

Hometown: Franklin, TN

Secondary school: Centennial high

Club team: Fury Platinum X 18U

Graduation year: 2023

Height: 5-foot-6

Position: FROM

Nickname: LoJo

Twitter: @laurenjohnson_0

Honors: #29 in the Extra Elite 100 2023; Middle Tennessee Player of the Year (2022); District Rookie of the Year (2021); District MVP (2022); 1st Team All-Midstate (2022).

Travel Ball Fall Statistics: 0.600 AVG, 1.040 SLG and 4 hrs.

High School Stats: 0.577 average and 5 hours.

Tell us about your travel team/travel organization and how you got involved? My older sister, Jenna JohnsonHe started playing with the team at 14U. Joining a Fury Platinum team has always been my goal and at 14U I got the opportunity to do so. My previous travel team was renamed Fury Platinum and I’ve been with them ever since. The Fury Platinum organization values ​​positive connections and the strengthening of a player’s mental and athletic abilities. The players and coaches are some of my biggest motivators and they feel like family. They take pride in their athletes’ success and prepare them to achieve their future goals.

Fury Platinum X’s Lauren Johnson

Do you have any suggestions for training methods or apps and why? Muscle memory can create repeated success. If you exercise almost every day, either mentally or physically, you can easily increase your athletic ability. Mental toughness is key to playing at the highest level. If you can treat “failure” as a motivator for success, you will grow as an athlete.

Can you tell us about your experience at the Alliance Nationals this summer? Alliance Nationals was such a fun tournament this year. Our team battled some of the best pitchers and teams in the nation. There was so much skill and talent in every team we faced.

Fury Platinum X’s Lauren Johnson

What was your favorite tournament/event of the fall and why? My favorite fall tournament was when I was 14U and playing with my older sister on her 18U team. It was one of my first times playing with Jenna. In one game, I hit the go-ahead home run and walk-off double to win the game. Celebrating with my sister was so exciting. It was one of the best tournaments I’ve been to.

Which player/team was your toughest opponent and why? My toughest opponent was the Bolts. It was always a fun team to play against because they challenged everyone to get better. It was always a head-to-head fight. There are some of my future teammates on the team and it was great to see them.

Lauren Johnson of Fury Platinum X from Alabama

Can you tell us why you chose Alabama? The Alabama team and the coaching stuff is like a built-in family. My older sister, Jenna Johnson, was a big motivator. In recent years, she has only complimented the team on their family ties. I wanted to be part of this family. They really want players to be successful on and off the field to the best of their ability.

In which areas are you interested in future jobs and why? My goal is to study business/marketing as a major and sports management as a minor. I want to take responsibility and lead other people to success. I love talking and communicating with people to solve problems. I also have a passion for coaching and helping others. The coaches in my life have helped me reach my full potential and that’s what I want to be in someone else’s career.

Who is your sports hero and why? I always looked up to my older sister Jenna Johnson. She taught me so much about being a great player and teammate. I also grew up watching Haylie McCleney. She also played in Alabama and was an outfielder. She led her team to many victories and was an admirable leader. Today, she inspires many athletes to love the sport of softball, as I did.

What is the best hyped song and why? “Come Together” by (Gary Clark Jr. &) Junkie XL. It has a great start to get everyone going. I’ve used it as a walk-up song for my high school softball team for the past two years.

What’s your favorite series to binge on and why? I love watching The Office. If I ever need a laugh, I turn it on.

Do you have a secret talent/skill? I actually love to paint whenever I get the chance. It’s a good distraction from a stressful day.

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