HR team’s Birmingham move will help to create 15 jobs

Jerome Forde
Jerome Forde

HR Duo raised €4.5 million from investors including Puma Venture Capital Trust in London to fund its growth into new markets and develop new products.

As a vibrant and growing center of technological innovation, Birmingham was chosen as the ideal location for the company’s first UK office.

The move created 15 new jobs, with employees based in the iconic Southside Building in one of the most colorful and diverse parts of the city.

The UK team is on track to grow to 20 people this year as more SMBs turn to HR Duo to automate up to 80% of their HR needs.

Joe Cox, HR Duo Country Manager UK, said: “We chose Birmingham as our base in the UK because it is a growing center of technology and innovation, which is what HR Duo is all about.

“The Southside Building is home to a thriving community of developers in a unique and vibrant collaborative workspace, and we already feel right at home.

“The Southside area is undergoing millions of pounds worth of refurbishment to create a new public space just outside the Southside building and to redevelop the historic Bull Ring Markets nearby. We are excited to be part of this iconic neighborhood as it is undergoing such an amazing transformation.

“As demand for our intelligent HR solution continues to grow, we will be hiring more staff as we truly consolidate our position as the leading HR technology provider in the UK.”

As well as supporting the business community, HR Duo is also keen to make a positive impact on the local community and has chosen to help the Digbeth based charity SIFA Fireside through fundraisers and initiatives.

The Birmingham team will take part in the Business Fives Ltd football tournament on February 14th to support the charity which helps people rebuild their lives after being homeless.

“We feel passionate about our ability to give back, in this case to the amazing people at SIFA Fireside and the amazing work they are doing in 2023,” added Joe.

HR Duo has experienced a significant period of growth in recent years, with an average revenue growth of 53% per year over a two-year period of operation. It has attracted a diverse range of customers, including in the retail, hospitality and medical device sectors.

Ideal for SMBs with 50 to 1,000 employees, the platform serves as a support for existing HR teams or as an alternative for companies that do not have a dedicated HR function.

In 2020, HR Duo announced an ambitious three-year growth plan that included hiring an additional 50 employees and expansion into the UK and Romania.

Jerome Forde, CEO of HR Duo, said: “The challenges SMEs are currently facing are enormous, be it the economic downturn, high inflation, the cost of living crisis, the war in Ukraine, the aftermath of Brexit or labor regulations. HR teams are often at the center of this, both in terms of the brunt and the key to the solution.

“But when budgets are already tight and small HR teams are stretched, it may not be possible to invest in additional staff to meet the challenges.

“As a result, many companies are now embracing the opportunities offered by technology to address these pressures while significantly improving their business productivity and growth. “The UK has tremendous untapped opportunities for the unique services that HR Duo offers. This is an exciting time for the company and we look forward to a bright future in which we will revolutionize the HR needs of thousands of SMBs worldwide.”

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