Congressman Dale Strong lands top choice in House committee assignments

Dale Strong, Alabama’s newest congressman, landed his first pick for committee duties.

Strong, who represents North Alabama’s 5th congressional district, announced Monday that the House Steering Committee has nominated him to serve on the House Armed Services Committee. It is the first committee nomination Strong has announced.

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His nomination is expected to be officially approved by House Republicans next week, the announcement said. Armed Services is considered one of the most important committee assignments in Congress.

Strong’s predecessor, Mo Brooks, was also a member of the committee, and Congressman Mike Rogers of Saks of Alabama was named committee chair last week. Mobile Congressman Jerry Carl is also a member of the Armed Services Committee.

Strong told in December that a seat in the armed forces was his top priority on the committee.

“Alabama is home to many military stocks, but the 5th Circuit is particularly proud to be home to Redstone Arsenal,” Strong said in the announcement. “By Army Material Command, the aerospace and missile programs, and the Missile Defense Agency, Redstone is critical to America’s national defense. Our country is made more secure through the dedication of the men and women of Alabama who faithfully serve the military community.”

The Armed Services Committee is responsible for funding and oversight for the US Department of Defense.

“When I was sworn in as your representative, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution,” Strong said in the announcement. “My first responsibility is to ensure a strong national defense. Serving on the Armed Services Committee will allow me to speak directly for sound policies that strengthen our national security and best serve America’s men and women in uniform.”

Rogers, one of those credited with helping Strong transition from his previous role as Madison County Commission chairman to Washington, welcomed the nomination.

“I am thrilled that the Steering Committee recommended Rep. Dale Strong for service on the House Armed Services Committee,” Rogers said in the announcement. “Alabama’s 5th congressional district is fundamental to Alabama’s continued leadership in defending our nation. Rep. Strong will be a critical voice on our committee. I look forward to the Republican Conference of the House of Representatives ratifying the Steering Committee’s recommendation.”

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