BWWB approves projects to relieve Lake Purdy during droughts

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – The Birmingham Water Works Board has approved more than $19 million in infrastructure improvement projects that will help secure water sources, provide system redundancy and economic development as part of Birmingham Water’s five-year strategic plan Works to support .

Last week the board approved an $18 million project to install a pipeline to protect the Lake Purdy Reservoir during drought and provide system redundancy. The new project called “Carson Loop Phase 6D Pipeline‘, will help transport water from reservoirs in the northeast service area to the southern area served by Lake Purdy.


The Carson Loop project will include the installation of approximately 3,650 feet of 36-inch ductile iron cement (DICL) pipe and fittings; construction of 600-foot pipe bridge over Cahaba River; construction of an access road on both sides of the pipe bridge; and other related site improvements.

Improvement of the distribution system

“Lake Purdy is an important water source for southern Jefferson and northern Shelby Counties, and water sources from other parts of the network will help protect the system from drought and improve our overall distribution system,” said BWW Assistant General Manager Derrick Murphy.

Drinking water

This important infrastructure project is necessary to deliver potable water from the Eastern High service area through the Carson Filter Plant to the Cahaba Valley service area and the Shades Mountain Intermediate service area served by the Shades Mountain Filter Plant. The project will reduce raw water withdrawal at Lake Purdy during times of high demand and periods of drought, and will also provide operational flexibility and redundancy to the Cahaba and Shades Mountain service areas in the distribution system, Murphy added.

Additional projects

The Board also approved $1.05 million in materials and inspection services for another water system capacity and redundancy project in northern Jefferson County. Approximately 10,540 feet of pipeline will be installed for the Rimel Farms development on Warrior-Kimberly Road, which will support BWWB’s system redundancy capabilities.

The project is scheduled to start on February 6th.

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